About Us

Proudly SF Based

Teamwork is the foundation of effective marketing. Our earned media team are rockstar publicists, all recruited by our cofounders for their exceptional skill at building working relationships with journalists and editors. Media Relations is the core of our ability to successfully lobby journalists on behalf of our clients. We are an aggressive agency, persistently networking and pitching journalists both in person and online. Our paid media team is just as strong, able to identify the perfect audience and formulate compelling bid strategies that maximize net profits.
We knew that in order to produce high returns for clients on a consistent basis we would need to assemble a carefully picked team. To do this, we looked up stream to larger firms, where marketers operate on a much larger scale and the stakes are higher. Each member of our team is required a minimum of 2 years full scale industry experience in order to join our firm. We have ensured that each member is capable of operating on a higher level than may be necessary. We believe this ensures our team is capable of operating on a high level, no matter how challenging the launch may be.
We look at every product we work with like it’s a story just waiting to be told. Through careful and calculated communications strategy we refine that story into messaging that grabs attention, garners press, and compels impressions to convert.
We call ourselves “CrowdMinders” because we our minds are always focused on the crowd – what drives groups of people to make quick purchasing decisions. Our staff are ever pursuing the most efficient and effective methods for providing stellar returns for our clients. From meeting journalists for lunch pitches to designing the perfect advert, we strive for excellence in all areas. Our co founders pride themselves on being masters of marketing, living and breathing their craft.